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Throwing A Backyard BBQ Party

One of the best things about summertime is being able to entertain outside in the nice summer weather.  A barbecue is always a hit with the guests, and it’s also a much easier cleanup.  Another great thing about hosting a barbecue is you can invite a lot more people than if you were having a dinner party.  Barbecues tend to be much more relaxed with most people serving themselves.  As a host, you just have to be there making sure everything goes smoothly.  If you’re looking for a new barbecue, check out Broil King for the best gas bbq grill.  You should check on your barbecue annually to make sure everything is working properly.  Without a working grill, you’re definitely going to have a tough time hosting a backyard barbecue.  A great tip for cleaning your grill is to remove the grill grate and put it in a large clean garbage bag.  Then fill it up with one cup of ammonia to clean the grate.  Works like a charm!

Before buying all the food for your barbecue, let your guests know what you’ll be serving.  That way, if anyone has any food allergies, they can let you know before you go out to buy your groceries.  It’s also okay to ask your guests to bring some add on foods to your barbecue.  Since it’s a casual meal, having guests bring over appetizers or side salads isn’t asking for much.  Every year when I throw my annual backyard barbecue party, I invite close to 30 people.  You can imagine how much food I would have to prepare if nobody brought over any additions.  Usually I’ll make a list of dishes that guests could bring, and each person will tell me what they’re bringing ahead of time.  Drinks, salads, pasta salads, appetizers, and dessert are all options to put on the list.

For drinks, I usually supply the alcoholic drinks like beer, hard lemonade and some other fun, summer cocktails.  I’ll have my outdoor bar fully stocked so people can help themselves.  This is also a great area for your guests to congregate when you’re getting the food ready.


Luckily for me, I always have my husband on hand to help me grill all the burgers and hot dogs.  If you don’t have someone to help you grill your meat, I urge you to designate a friend to be the cooker.  You might think you have enough time to do everything by yourself, but you’ve got to delegate some of your tasks.  You’ll be running around fixing everything else (because something always goes wrong), so not having to worry about cooking the food is a huge task off your plate.

For cleanup, to make things easier, use plastic plates, utensils, and cups.  Set out two stations for garbage disposal.  I always have a garbage bin, recycle bin, and compost bin at each station.  This makes clean up much faster and easier because your guests are disposing of their own garbage whenever they’re finished eating.

Throwing a backyard barbecue party can be a ton of fun if you’ve organized everything ahead of time.  It’s much easier than a dinner party or themed party because you don’t have to clean up inside your house.  You also won’t have a ton of dishes to clean if you’re using disposable plates and utensils.  As for the barbecue itself, Weber vs Broil King grills are generally what people go for.  If you’re looking for the perfect grill, I’d go with Broil King just because they’ve worked perfectly for me so far.

Next time you plan a backyard barbecue, feel free to refer back to these tips.  Also let me know how your barbecue goes and feel free to send over photos of your finished party!