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Fun Entertaining Tips

I’m always up for the job of entertaining or hosting people in my home.  It isn’t easy, but I must say that the end result always makes me a happy host.  I love entertaining partly due to getting the chance to decorate my home for a special occasion or theme.  But my favorite part of entertaining is definitely the food and drinks I get to serve.  Here are some tips I always follow for a good dinner party.


Make a fun, hip playlist that will put people in a party mood.  I always make a different playlist for each dinner party I throw.  This obviously depends on my guests’ taste as well as the theme of the night.  Sometimes I’ll put on slow, chill music and other nights I’ll throw on Beyonce or even some Britney!  Music really helps set the mood and tone of the type of night you feel like having.

I always prep everything I can ahead of time.  So if I’m throwing a dinner party on a Saturday night, I’ll set the table Friday night and marinate the food I’ll be serving the night before too.  Prepping ahead of time really releases the stress I have the day of.  I’ll have more time to get myself ready instead of worrying about what needs to be done in my house.

Set up a self-serving bar.  This really helps reduce the workload for you during your party.  With a self-serving bar, your guests won’t have to hound you for drink after drink.  And you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself instead of worrying and making sure all your guests have something to drink.  It also helps your guests feel more at home.  They can help themselves to as many drinks as they like without having to bug you each time.

So there are a couple of tips I always follow when entertaining guests at my house.  I always try to lessen the workload for me the day of by prepping as much as I can the night before.  Do yourself a favor and time manage properly and just enjoy yourself during the party!